Jobs in the ship refit and ship building industry are plentiful. There is a lot of work involved, but it can be gratifying for those who enjoy working outdoors or getting their hands dirty.

The ship refit and ship building industry is an excellent place for those ex-forces candidates needing a job. You may already have experience in an area or two. SLR recruitment services will match you with the right client needing someone of your skillset.

Welders And Solderers

People with these skills are needed on board ships to help with the refit process. These workers are essential because there is a lot of metalwork involved in ship building and refurbishing, so they need particular skills to apply when welding or soldering items together. As a result, welders are in high demand in this industry.

Plumbers And Pipefitters

Plumbing is another essential skill for those working in the ship refit and ship building industry. This is because most of the work on board a ship takes place below deck, so there are always plumbing tasks to be completed. Pipefitters are also needed in this industry, as they install and maintain the pipes that carry water, gas, and other fluids around the ship.


Engineers who work on ships help design and maintain them by ensuring that they run smoothly and efficiently. There are many different types of engineers who work in the shipping industry, so if you have experience as an engineer, you will likely find a job in this field.


Electricians are also in high demand in the ship refit and ship building industry. This is because they are responsible for installing and repairing all the electrical systems on board a ship. In addition, they work closely with engineers to ensure that all electrical systems on board run smoothly and efficiently.


Carpenters in the ship refit and ship building industry will be responsible for several tasks. First, they work on board ships to ensure that all items are kept secure, which means they may have to repair or replace walls, doors, and windows when necessary.

Structural Fabricators

Structural fabricators are in high demand for ship refitting. This is because they build new structures that need to be added or replaced on board a vessel, such as a deck and a superstructure.


Riggers are responsible for installing and maintaining all the rigging on board a ship. This includes the masts, sails, and cables that help control a vessel.


shipwrights are essential workers in the ship refit and ship building industry. They are responsible for designing, building, and repairing ships. They work on all aspects of a ship, from the hull to the deckhouse.


Painters are needed in the ship refit and ship building industry to help keep vessels looking their best. They work onboard ships to paint both the inside and outside to protect them from corrosion.

These are just a few positions in demand in the ship refit and building industry. Should you be able to do any of these and have left the armed forces, then SLP Marine Recruitment can pair you up with a client that needs your valuable knowledge and hard work.